Writing the Body

Running concurrently in association with Route 11 Dance Festival, the Writing the Body festival takes its name from the literal, Latin translation of the word “choreography,” which combines the words chorea, meaning “dance,” and graphis, which means “pencil” or “writing style.” It was created in 2008 to provide opportunities for undergraduate dancers to make and show work. Specifically, it grew from a desire for the students at Washington and Lee University to see and respond to, not only one another’s choreography, but also the work of their peers from other institutions.

Students who register for this year’s festival will participate in a fully produced performance, take classes as a group throughout the week and openly discuss their methods of composition with one another. This gathering is meant to celebrate all student choreography and foster a sense of unity among college and university dance students. We have invited professional dancers to view and give feedback on the concert; however, our intent is not to adjudicate the works but instead to celebrate them. We hope that 2014’s Writing the Body Festival can be a stimulus for fresh discourses in the field, creative exchanges and new friendships.

Jenefer Davies
Assistant Professor of Dance
Director of the University Dance Program
Washington & Lee University

For more information, or to register, please email daviesj@wlu.edu.